Using fat to help wounds heal without scars

Doctors have found a way to manipulate wounds to heal as regenerated skin rather than scar tissue. The method involves transforming the most common type of cells found in wounds into fat cells – something that was previously thought to be impossible in humans.

Multidimensional Evaluation and Surgical Approaches to Neck Rejuvenation

Correction of aesthetic and anatomic deformities of the neck due to aging is a complex proposition, and the planning and approach depends on the findings during your initial examination. Deep cervicoplasty is not for the occasional facial rejuvenative surgeon.

Salon treatments in the first half of the 20th century

What procedures women used to go through to become more beautiful! Many of the devices for getting rid of various problems now look ridiculous and incomprehensible, but most of them are simply frightening!

Cheap beauty products

Are expensive beauty products an homage to fashion or the expectation of instant effect? Are they worth believing and are there really miracles of cosmetology? Learn to read the label.